Project : Technical Assistance for Result Oriented Monitoring in Turkey - Phase III
Status : Proposal Stage
Country : Turkey
Duty Station : Ankara
Project Description : The aim of the contract is to support Ministry for EU Affairs (MEU) in its role as National IPA Coordinator (NIPAC) in stretching the scope of the Result Oriented Monitoring (ROM) established in Turkey out to the sectors eligible for the support of EU funds in IPA II through ROM missions to the on-going actions/activities with a view to ensure achievement of objectives at action and sectoral level (as specified in Indicative Strategy Papers) and ex-post ROM missions to the projects inherited from the IPA period.
To this end, the Contractor will provide services such as i) conducting ROM missions to the on-going projects as well as ex-post ROM missions to the completed projects from the IPA period and producing Monitoring Reports, ii) modifying the existing ROMIS-TR database of the MEU, iii) revising ROM Handbook for Turkey, iv) providing regular consultancy to the MEU in order to improve the effectiveness of the monitoring system in Turkey in line with the targets/structures defined under IPA II, v) revising Monitoring and Evaluation Chapters of the Manuals of NIPAC and Operating Structures and vii) organising trainings, seminars and workshops on ROM methodology.
Position : Team Leader
Reference : ROMTL
Position : Deputy Team Leader
Reference : ROMDTL
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