Project : Technical Assistance for Further Strengthening of Regional Competitiveness Programme Coordination and Implementation Directorate in its Operations
Status : Proposal Stage
Country : Turkey
Duty Station : Ankara
Project Description : The overall objective of the Project is to improve the absorption capacity of Regional Competitiveness Operational Programme through delivery of Capacity Building activities. The project consists of three main components;
1- Capacity Building and Support to Regional Competitiveness Operational Programme Management and Implementation; Assistance to the Programming Department, Monitoring and Evaluation Department, Quality Assurance and Control Department, Internal Audit Unit, Delivery of trainings to staff of Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology/Regional Competitiveness Programme Coordination and Implementation Directorate and Internal Audit Unit, organisation of study visits and internship programmes.
2- Support to the Procurement, Contract Management, Financial Management, Accounting and Control ; Assistance to Procurement, Implementation and Finance Divisions under Finance and Contracts Department of Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.
3- Support to the End Recipients of Assistance in Target Region; Delivery of trainings to End Recipients of Assistance, Project Management Assistance to End Recipients of Assistance with mobilisation/provision of Non Key Experts.
Position : STE - Training in all relevant aspects of Programme Management of EU Funded Operational Programmes (including Procurement and Contract Management)
Reference : RCP-CID STE 002
Position : STE - Programme Management
Reference : RCP-CID STE 003
Position : STE - Project Development and Selection
Reference : RCP-CID STE 004
Position : STE - Programme Monitoring and Evaluation
Reference : RCP-CID STE 005
Position : STE - Procurement with PRAG Rules
Reference : RCP-CID STE 006
Position : STE - Contract Management, Quality Assurance and Control of Tendering Process
Reference : RCP-CID STE 007
Position : STE - Claim Management in FIDIC Contracts
Reference : RCP-CID STE 008
Position : STE - Financial Management
Reference : RCP-CID STE 009
Position : STE - Accounting
Reference : RCP-CID STE 009
Position : STE - Internal Control and Risk Management (Procedures Manual Revision)
Reference : RCP-CID STE 010
Position : STE - Organization of Study Visits, Internships or Other Events
Reference : RCP-CID STE 011
Position : STE - Legal Adviser
Reference : RCP-CID STE 012
Position : STE - Insurance Expert
Reference : RCP-CID STE 013
Position : STE - Information and Communication Technologies
Reference : RCP-CID STE 014
Position : STE - Feasibility Studies
Reference : RCP-CID STE 015
Position : STE - Cost Benefit Analysis
Reference : RCP-CID STE 016
Position : STE - Tax Regulation
Reference : RCP-CID STE 017
Position : STE - Insurance Policies Regarding Works Contracts
Reference : RCP-CID STE 018
Position : STE - EU Pre-Accession Instruments and/or Structural Funds
Reference : RCP-CID STE 001
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