Project : Turkey Women in Business Technical Cooperation Programme
Status : Proposal Stage
Country : Turkey
Duty Station :
Project Description : To facilitate women-led SMEs access to finance and know-how, the EBRD has developed the ‘’Turkey Women in Business Programme’’ (TurWiB). TurWiB is a comprehensive programme which offers an effective response to address the multi-dimensional nature of women-led SMEs’ barriers to growth, including but not limited to their access to finance by: increasing availability of credit to WiB SME segment: removing supply constraints to credit through the Risk Loss Cover; facilitating the process of adjusting demand and supply through the technical cooperation component; and enhancing women’s financial and managerial capabilities, thereby stimulating their demand for financial products and services.
The overall objective of the Assignment is to support the Programme implementation by;
- developing and strengthening Borrowers’ capacities to effectively reach out to WiB SMEs;
- ensuring synergy between the Programme components and;
- implementing general Programme management functions, including monitoring, marketing, visibility, and reporting.
Position : Key Expert: Project Manager
Reference : TurWiB-0001
Position : Key Expert: Senior Women-in -Business Access-to-Finance Expert
Reference : TurWiB-0002
Position : Key Expert: Turkish Banking Expert
Reference : TurWiB-0003
Position : Key Expert: Senior Communications and Marketing Manager
Reference : TurWiB-0004
Position : Key Expert 5: Senior IT & MIS Specialist
Reference : TurWiB-0005
Position : NKE 1: Women in Business Expert
Reference : TurWiB_NKE-0001
Position : NKE 2: HR & Training Specialist
Reference : TurWiB_NKE-0002
Position : NKE 3: Marketing Expert
Reference : TurWiB_NKE-0003
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