Project : Technical Assistance for “Increasing School Attendance Rates Especially for Girls (IAREFG)”
Status : Proposal Stage
Country : Turkey
Duty Station : Ankara
Project Description : The purpose of this contract is to contribute to increasing attendance rates at all levels of education but particularly for girls in secondary education (especially Vocational Education and Training) and to bring students especially girls who are out of the education system back to education. To that end, the Contractor shall provide the following services on:
- Increasing the institutional and staff capacity of Ministry of National Education, relevant educational institutions (such as guidance research centres, public education centres, vocational education centres), and local actors (such as school-family associations, village and district headmen, police and health staff, public religion officers, local media and local NGOs),
- Supporting the MoNe for conducting compensation courses in pilot provinces,
- Raising awareness of school age children, their parents and the whole society in a wider range on the importance of education, especially raising awareness of girls who have dropped out or have long term non-attendance,
- Improving the competencies of psychological guidance and counseling staff in terms of providing vocational, psychological guidance and counselling services to students and facilitating the access of students to the subject services,
- Organising events to promote newly established dormitories in pilot provinces.
Position : Key Expert 1: Team Leader
Reference : IAREFG-001
Position : Key expert 2: Psychological Guidance and Counselling Expert
Reference : IAREFG-002
Position : Key expert 3: Communication and PR Expert
Reference : IAREFG-003
Position : Regional Project Office Manager(s)
Reference : IAREFG-Man
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