Title : Technical Assistance for Support to Legal Metrology in Turkey
Country : Turkey
Start Year : 2006
End Year : 2007
Beneficiary : Ministry of Industry and Trade, General Directorate for Measures and Standards
Consortium : Danish Technology Institute (DTI), ANKON (TR), Czech Metrology Institute, Austrian Federal Office of Metrology and Surveying
Budget : 684.000 Euro
Financing : European Commission
Working Area : Regional and Economic Development, Environment and Climate Change
Service Area : Institution Building and Restructuring
    The project aimed at facilitating the process of technical harmonization in Turkey with the acquis communautaire covering the free movement of industrial goods. Activities under the contract included provision of consultancy and training to all parties interested in Measures, Metrology & Legal Metrology, aiming at aligning the Turkish legislation with the acquis communautaire covering the area of Legal Metrology, including Notified Bodies, Market Surveillance, Accreditation, Conformity Assessment; restructuring the organization of the General Directorate of Measurement and Standards of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, such that it can meet the conditions necessary for the implementation of the New Approach and the Global Approach; supporting further development of the Conformity Assessment infrastructure relevant to measuring instruments under legal control in Turkey; increasing the awareness of the relevant manufacturers, importers and distributors of measuring instruments, (potential) notified bodies, user associations and consumer associations and the National Metrology Institute, about the new strategy of the Ministry relating to Legal Metrology.
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