Title : s.c. - Technical Assistance and Supervision for Nevşehir Wastewater Treatment Plant Project
Country : Turkey
Start Year : 2009
End Year : 2009
Beneficiary : Sweco – Tempo Consortium
Consortium : ANKON
Budget : -
Financing : European Commission
Working Area : Local Authorities, Environment and Climate Change
Service Area : Institution Building and Restructuring, Training & Capacity Building
    ANKON delivered institution building services and capacity building trainings on “Organization Development and Increasing Performance” to Nevşehir Municipality within the framework of the Technical Assistance and Supervision for Wastewater Treatment Plant Project. These included setting up a management structure; conducting a training needs analysis;design and development of training programmes for both executive and line staff of the municipality; organization of the training events and the reorganization of the Municipality's Wastewater Treatment Department.
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