Title : Technical Assistance to Institution Building of the Telecommunications Authority
Country : Turkey
Start Year : 2005
End Year : 2006
Beneficiary : Telecommunications Authority
Consortium : Detecon International (D), ANKON (TR), Yazıcı Law (TR)
Budget : 1.975.100 Euro
Financing : European Commission
Working Area : Information & Communication Technologies
Service Area : Institution Building and Restructuring, Training & Capacity Building
    The overall objective of the project was to strengthen the regulation of telecommunications market in Turkey in compliance with the EU Acquis, improvement of Legislative and Regulatory Framework and to strengthen the capacity of the Telecommunication Authority, from improvement of human resources management to legal, administrative and technical knowledge and skills of the staff.
In this nineteen months project , ANKON has provided organizational development and training of local experts on a comprehensive staff training programme including seminars and workshops, as well as providing strong local backstopping services.
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