Title : Financial Management Technical Assistance Services
Country : Kosovo (BIH)
Start Year : 2000
End Year : 2001
Beneficiary : Financial Management Technical Assistance Services - WB - Community Development Fund (CDF)- Kosovo (BiH)
Consortium : ANKON
Budget : -
Financing : The World Bank Community Development Fund
Working Area : Public Sector Development
Service Area : Technical Assistance
    Technical Assistance Consulting Services has been provided to the Community Development Fund (CDF) of Kosovo to set up a Financial Management and Monitoring System under the World Bank LACI requirements, and provision of the required Training Services has been provided. ANKON has developed a unique Chart of Accounts as well as a financial and accounting system that enables to monitor and report on the finances from a variety of donor agencies (the World Bank, European Community, UN Agencies, NGOs, etc.) and set up and implemented the PRINSY Software that ANKON is international development partner with.
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