Title : Financial Planning Services for PELKA AŞ.
Country : Turkey
Start Year : 1993
End Year : 1993
Beneficiary : PELKA Electro-mechanical and Energy Systems A.Ş.
Consortium : ANKON
Budget : -
Financing : PELKA Electro-mechanical and Energy Systems A.Ş.
Working Area : SMEs and Private Sector Development
Service Area : Institution Building and Restructuring
    Pelka has been the second largest private sector company in the electro-mechanical and energy systems in Turkey. Along with its large contracting businesses, it has also established a plant for the production of high-tech electro-mechanical devices totally developed by Pelka, and the international patent has been obtained and registered universally.
ANKON has assisted in the development of a New Financial Planning System, including Financial Planning, Cash Budgeting, Cash Flow Controls, Treasury Management and Financial Policy.
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