Title : Consultancy Services for Turkish Health Sector Master Plan Study
Country : Turkey
Start Year : 1989
End Year : 1991
Beneficiary : State Planning Organization
Consortium : Price Waterhouse (UK), ANKON (TR)
Budget : -
Financing : State Planning Organization
Working Area : Public Sector Development, Health
Service Area : Sector Analysis and Market Studies, Strategy, Planning and Implementation
    ANKON, together with Price Waterhouse (London), were commissioned to undertake the Turkish Health Sector Master Plan Study. ANKON was selected for the Study out of more than 30 firms all over the world, for its technical merit and strong local support. The study involved the Description of the Current Situation of the Health Sector in Turkey, Developing and Recommending to the Government, Strategy Options for the achievement of Health Targets for the short, medium and long term; and Development of Implementation Plans for the selected option.
The Study covered the evaluation of Planning and Policies in the Health Sector; assessment of Service Delivery (in all major medical areas); Health Finance and Costs; Health Personnel; Education and Training; Organization and Management of the Sector; Health Infrastructure (including Vehicles,
Architecture, Medical Equipment and Pharmaceuticals); Health Tourism; Accounting Systems and Management Information Systems.
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