Title : s.c. - Technical Assistance to Support Preparation and Monitoring of Grant Schemes in the Field of Lifelong Learning and Acrtive Labour Market Measures, Northern Cyprus
Country : Northern Cyprus
Start Year : 2009
End Year : 2010
Beneficiary : FWC Commission 2009 Lot 4
Consortium : HTSPE Consortium
Budget : -
Financing : FWC Commission 2009 Lot 4
Working Area : Education and Human Resources Development
Service Area : Technical Assistance
    ANKON gave consultancy services to the HTSPE consortium to provide
monitoring and evaluation services for the grant beneficiaries of the project. Its services mainly covered:
• Monitoring of Grant Scheme Contracts awarded to successful projects
• Performing risk assessment of projects
• Recommendations to grant beneficiaries on implementation process
• Training of grant beneficiaries on the procurement, monitoring and grant contract management procedures and rules
• Evaluation reporting based on the lessons learnt
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