Title : Matchmaking and PR Activities of The Netherlands Trade Mission on Sustainable Energy and Energy Efficiency to Ankara
Country : Turkey
Start Year : 2010
End Year : 2010
Beneficiary : Turkey Institute (Turkije Instituut)/ Royal Netherlands Embassy
Consortium : -
Budget : -
Financing : NL Agency of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs
Working Area : SMEs and Private Sector Development, Environment and Climate Change
Service Area : Sector Analysis and Market Studies, Communication and Event Management, Project Planning and Management
    The Business Mission was organized for Turkey Institute between20-22 October 2010 by EUNITE, Ankon Consulting. The Missions’ “official delegation” consisted of the representatives from the MinEZ and EVD, and a “business delegation” consisted of Dutch companies and non-profit organizations which were representatives from Sustainable Energy and Energy Efficiency sectors.
ANKON Consulting had been responsible for undertaking the organisation of individual matchmakings for 15 Dutch Companies in Ankara based between19 October 2010 – 23 October 2010.
In accordance with the objective of the service contract, ANKON has achieved 182 well organised tailor - made matchmaking meetings with Turkish firms within the sector which satisfied the Business Delegation members.
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