Title : Basic Education Pilot Project- MoNE
Country : Turkey
Start Year : 1997
End Year : 1998
Beneficiary : Ministry of National Education
Consortium : -
Budget : -
Financing : World Bank
Working Area : Education and Human Resources Development
Service Area : Technical Assistance, Project Planning and Management
    ANKON ha been awarded a contract for the provision of Technical Assistance Services for Project Management and Implementation of the Basic Education Pilot Project, by the General Directorate of Primary Education of the Ministry of National Education (MONE). The services included; setting up and maintaining a Project Management Office; recruitment of full-time project staff and short-term consultants; development of a “School Buildings Handbook” to be implemented nation-wide; undertaking architectural and engineering designs for the 3 urban schools to be built; undertaking tendering procedures in accordance with World Bank procedures and guidelines; supervision of the construction of 3 schools; development and provision of in-service training programs for the teachers and administrators of these schools; preparation of architectural projects and tendering documents in accordance with World Bank procedures and guidelines for the upgrading of 15 rural schools; undertaking tendering procedures and supervision of the renovation of these schools; organization of study tours for MONE personnel; procurement of goods, works and services as required under the Project and processing utilization of Loan and Government Funds on behalf of the MONE; and keeping project accounts and records all in line with the rules and procedures of the Turkish Government and the World Bank. The services also include the preparation of a full-scale Basic Education Program Proposal to be submitted to the World Bank; undertaking the process of Loan application and negotiations with the Bank.
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