Title : Güney Ege Development Agency (Geka) Moderation Techniques Training Services
Country : Turkey
Start Year : 2011
End Year : 2011
Beneficiary : Güney Ege Development Agency (Geka)
Consortium : -
Budget : -
Financing : Güney Ege Development Agency (Geka)
Working Area : SMEs and Private Sector Development, Regional and Economic Development
Service Area : Training & Capacity Building
    Ankon has provided Moderation Techniques trainings for the Geka staff which covered the below topics:
 What is moderation and what does it aim?
 How should the group work should be?
 Important points of group work.
 Duties of a moderator.
 Manners of a moderator.
 Fundamentals of moderation techniques.
 Questioning and analyzing.
 How to perform a joint study.
 Case Study
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