Title : Technical Assistance-Improved Integration of Disabled Persons into Society
Country : Turkey
Start Year : 2013
End Year : 2015
Beneficiary : Ministry of Family and Social Policies
Consortium : Archidata, Ankon, Activa, Beyazay Dernegi
Budget : 980,000 EUR
Financing : EU
Working Area : Health
Service Area : Communication and Event Management, Grant Scheme Support, Technical Assistance, Training & Capacity Building, Project Planning and Management
    This contract aims at strengthening the institutional capacity of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies' General Directorate of Services for Disabled Persons and Elderly (DG), and civil society organisations (CSOs) operating in the disability field and social inclusion of vulnerable groups.
In the scope of the contract, ANKON provides the local project management as well as provision of experts and support staff.
The following services are given;

 Training on disability, social inclusion of vulnerable groups, etc. will be delivered to the relevant CSOs,
 Projects in the context of a grant scheme will be monitored by site visits,
 Training on grant project implementation, preparation of final report will be delivered to the grant beneficiaries,
 Assistance to grant beneficiaries on procurement of supplies, implementation procedures, contract amendments, report writing, etc. The grant projects will be monitored by a Web-based online monitoring tool called the monitoring information system (MIS). The consultant will make the fully operational MIS through the pre-established project website,
 Study tours for staff from the DG will be arranged in order to benefit from the best practices of the EU Member States in the field of disability. The consultant will assist the DG in the preparation and dissemination of the GAP analysis report in the field of disability in the wake of the completion of the study visits,
 Training programme on project management for the DG (PCU) staff in order to strengthen capacity and improve project management skills of the DG (PCU) staff members will be arranged,
 Dissemination and publicity activities will be held.
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