Title : All Seasons Black Sea (Her Mevsim Karadeniz)
Country : Turkey
Start Year : 2012
End Year : 2014
Beneficiary : Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Consortium : N/A
Budget : 109.15.00 (EUR)
Financing : Eastern Black Sea Development Agency
Working Area : Regional and Economic Development
Service Area : Sector Analysis and Market Studies, Communication and Event Management, Technical Assistance, Strategy, Planning and Implementation
    With a budget of 109.150.- EUR ANKON claimed full responsibility of the Project, which entails the forming of the infrastructure for the assessment of alternative models for tourism and managing promotional and communicational activities to establish the branding of the provinces in the region. It calls forth the historical, natural and cultural potential in order to establish a sustainable tourism in Eastern Black Sea Region. The Project also involves the design and implementation of the regional development plan focusing on tourism and private sector development. It asks for the preparation of the master plan of Haçka Yaylası, Uzungöl, Sera Gölü in Trabzon and Ovit Yaylası in Rize province. The Project required the assessment of current status of regional tourism opportunities for the four seasons. The detailed tasks covered include:

 Awareness rising activities planned and implemented to increase women’s participation in the tourism sector
 Design and delivery of Communication Plan
 Workshop organisations and analysis of current status
 Management of promotion activities, communicating with potential actors at the region, aiming to reach national and international investors
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