Title : Children Friendly City Awareness Training – Standard and Indication Development Training
Country : Turkey
Start Year : 2012
End Year : 2014
Beneficiary : Ankara Development Agency for Ankara Provincial Directorate of National Education
Consortium : N/A
Budget : 12.000.- (EUR)
Financing : Ankara Development Agency
Working Area : Local Authorities
Service Area : Training & Capacity Building, Communication and Event Management
    In a locally funded “Child Friendly City” project that was carried out in 31 October 2012 – 30 December 2012, ANKON conducted trainings with 30 participants for each session and for over 90 hours to canalize the knowledge and sharing levels of more than 20 stakeholders in a common ground. Within the scope of the above project ANKON Consulting has also coordinated and provided the consultancy and organization services of the 1st symposium that was realized on the 6th and 7th of May 2014 at Ankara Chamber of Commerce. In the symposium, the issues such as “the Children Universities in Turkey, the Physical Safety of the Educational Environments, the Value and the Rights of Children, etc.” have been discussed. Throughout the symposium many communication activities have been carried out in order to raise awareness towards the rights of the children all across Ankara. Among the visibility and promotion activities there was publication of ten banners which showed the overall story of the project, fully implemented by ANKON.
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