Title : Technical Assistance for Increasing the Adaptability of Employers & Employees in Tourism Sector
Country : Turkey
Start Year : 2014
End Year : 2016
Beneficiary : Ministry of Culture and Tourism
Consortium : GIZ, GFA, ANKON, Oyku, Sequa, DSFT, ÖSB
Budget : 8.193.000 EUR
Financing : EU
Working Area : Regional and Economic Development, Labour and Employment
Service Area : Technical Assistance
    The purpose of this operation is to increase the quality and adaptability of human capital involved in the accommodation and food and beverage enterprises in the tourism sector which have an operation or investment licence from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. To that end, training and consultation capacities of social partners, central and local public organisations in the tourism sector will be increased to strengthen the competencies of employees and employers. The consultant will conduct activities to increase adaptabilityof employees and employers in the tourism sector and training capacity of the service providers and social partners in the tourism sector through various means such as training, awareness-raising campaigns, labour market analysis, voucher programme and a database system.
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