Title : Technical Assistance for Special Education Project– SEN II
Country : Turkey
Start Year : 2013
End Year : 2014
Beneficiary : MoNE
Consortium : GFA Consulting, ANKON Consulting,Tohum Autism Foundation Action for Children
Budget : 1.369.385.-(Euro)
Financing : EU
Working Area : Education and Human Resources Development
Service Area : Communication and Event Management, Technical Assistance, Training & Capacity Building, Strategy, Planning and Implementation
    Strengthening Special Education Project Part II started on 7 January 2014 for a duration of 10 months. The project is based in Ankara.The purposes of this contract were to create new opportunities for individuals with special education needs, improve educational setting, increase their access to education and contribute to their inclusion with the society through in-service trainings and procurement of new psychological measurement tools Pearson and Woodcock Johnson. These tools are to be standardized to Turkish curriculum, culture and learning abilities. The TA contract had to meet 5 results at the end of the Project:
 The improvement of Quality of educational diagnosis and assessment services in GRCs
 Standardization of Pearson Tools
 Collection of trial data in the implementation stage in Woodcock Johnson III
 Capacity building of the guidance teachers
 Dissemination of the project results to all relevant stakeholders
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