Title : Aytemizler – Denios Business Plan Consulting
Country : Turkey
Start Year : 101
End Year : 103
Beneficiary : Aytemizler
Consortium : -
Budget : 12.154.-(EUR)
Financing : Aytemizler
Working Area : SMEs and Private Sector Development
Service Area : Institution Building and Restructuring, Management Consulting, Strategy, Planning and Implementation
    ANKON Consulting rendered services on business plan consulting including the preparation of a draft business plan based on the organization, management, manufacturing and commercial experience of Aytemizler. Most functions of the company to be established were evaluated and analysed with existing and estimated data and efforts shown to put forward reasonably accurate predictions.
The outcomes of this project appeared to be quite encouraging with a reasonably short return on investment period and profitability, with given assumed price, sales volume and capacity realization.

ANKON has conducted the following services:

• Preparation of Business Plan for a Joint Venture Company between the groups of Aytemizler and Denios
• SWOT Analysis
• Product and Services Outline
• Marketing Plan and Market Research, concerning:
• High marketing costs
• Consumer acceptance and brand recognition
• Training and skills
• Management and Organization Plan
• Calculation of Start-up Expenses and Capitalization
• Projection of Financial Plan including Projected Cash Flow
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