Title : Technical Assistance for Promoting Gender Equality in Education
Country : Turkey
Start Year : 2014
End Year : 2016
Beneficiary : MoNE
Consortium : British Council, ANKON, FCG International, Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini, SIPUI,TEPAV
Budget : 3,178,000 Euro
Financing : EU
Working Area : Education and Human Resources Development
Service Area : Technical Assistance, Training & Capacity Building
    The purpose of this contract is to promote gender equality for girls and boys in schools and equality and a gender-sensitive approach throughout the education system, within this scope the contract will include technical assistance for:
-incorporating the gender perspective at all levels of the educational system and improving the Ministry of National Education's system by formulating a gender equality assurance tool for schools (GEATS) with stakeholders, multiplying and distributing this tool as booklets and implementing this system at the chosen pilot schools,
-improving the Ministry of National Education's capacity to promote equality and a gender-sensitive approach throughout the education system by organising study visits, reviewing policy documents, strategies, relevant legislation through workshops and revising the existing curricula and course books in terms of gender equality,
-raising awareness for all parts of society (students, parents, teaching and non-teaching staff, etc.) by organising local and international conferences and campaigns to impact target groups.
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