recent projects
Qualifications Framework Expert - Technical Assistance for Implementation of Turkish Qualifications System and Framework Operation
Quality Assurance Expert - Technical Assistance for Implementation of Turkish Qualifications System and Framework Operation
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recent projects
Technical Assistance for Promoting Gender Equality in Education
Technical Assistance for Increasing the Adaptability of Employers & Employe
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TANAP-SEIP was Granted Communitas Award in Leadership in Community Service & Corporate Responsibility (08.04.2019)
EBRD – Adressing Labour Shortages in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe Project successfully completed (26.03.2019)
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ANKON Consulting 
combines in-depth expertise and best practices in management and development consulting. Brief description of our services can be reviewed as follows:
Institution Building and Restructuring

  • Consultancy services to organizations on schemes for efficiency and effectiveness, improved resource utilization and cost reduction programs
  • Consultancy to both private and to public sector organizations on the development of strategic and corporate plans
  • Support is provided with subsequent implementation and project management
  • Provide comprehensive and substantive services on general management, reorganization, human resources management, personnel and pay systems

Sector Analysis and Market Studies

  • Review and assessment of the current condition and future prospects in a variety of sectors
  • Support in the development of marketing strategies, and with the associated market research and survey work conducted on geographic and/or product basis

Communication and Event Management

  • Planning process, organisation and execution of training programmes, national and international seminars and conferences, foreign missions and media events
  • Preparation of visibility strategies and tools in line with EU Visibility Guidelines
  • All stages of planning, organisation and execution of information dissemination meetings, public awareness campaigns

Grant Scheme Support

  • Technical assistance for the elaboration of grant scheme strategies, drafting of guidelines, organisation of information days for potential applicants under different EU programmes
  • Technical and administrative assistance to the beneficiary institution in monitoring and evaluation of the grant projects and the grant scheme as a whole
  • Support to grant beneficiaries in project management in line with updated EU external aid procedures including visibility, financial management, financial and narrative reporting, monitoring and evaluation

Technical Assistance

  • Consulting services for project planning, implementation and monitoring and evaluation
  • Advisory technical assistance supporting institutional strengthening, sector and policy studies, and human resource development
  • Consulting and capacity building trainings for beneficiary institutions in Grant Scheme Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Management Information Systems, Software Development and Programming, Strategic Management
  • Consulting services for legislation and law drafting in various areas such as telecommunications, occupational health and safety, employment, legal metrology, industry and trade, education

Management Consulting

  • Analysis of existing business processes and development of action plans for industrial and organisational performance improvement
  • Support to business development and investment planning
  • Organisational analysis and assessment

Training & Capacity Building

  • Provision of customized training services in areas such as Organizational Development, Management, Project Planning and Management, Production Management, Financial Management, Human Resources Management, Marketing for both public and private sector and to the local administrations
  • Provisions of Creation of Competence for Competition (C³ ) trainings targeted especially to SMEs, Clusters, Professional Associations and other public and private bodies

Project Planning and Management

  • Project planning, management, appraisal, coordination, control and execution services for private and public sector clients and international agencies 
  • Development of project implementation and monitoring systems 
  • Development and implementation of project financial management and accounting systems 
  • Provision of full program administration services including local and international procurement

Strategy, Planning and Implementation

  • Strategy development services are provided for government bodies and private sector organisations for the development, design and implementation of sectoral restructuring and reform programs and privatization programs
  • Assistance for the development of legal aspects of public restructuring programs
  • Technical assistance and support are provided in the strategic planning and implementation of public restructuring programs
  • Technical assistance and support in privatization programs
  • Restructuring of financing and service delivery systems in the health sector, development of health insurance schemes.
  • Formulating rural and/or urban development models and perspectives from physical, social and economic points of view
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