Budget Specialist

Budget Specialist

ANKON Consulting is looking for a Budget Specialist for an IFI funded project who will be accommodated in the Ministry premises as of the commencement of the contract.

End date:31 January 2023

Duration: 9 months.

The candidates are requested to apply with their CVs in English to cv@ankon.com.tr with reference code: REF BS/2022/04 until 17/04/2022 17:00.

Required Experience and Qualifications;

  • Bachelor’s degree from the Faculties of Economics and Administrative Sciences of the universities or from the relevant departments of the Faculties of Political Sciences.
  • Proven experience in the fields of finance, auditing, accounting and reporting; at least 3 years.
  • At least 1 year of experience in IFI funded projects.
  • Strong command of English and in Turkish in order to produce content and communicate verbally and in writing,
  • Full computer literacy, advanced level of competency in MS Office programs (MS Word, MS Excel and Outlook),
  • Knowledgeable on the legal framework of Turkish financial management system .
  • Teamwork, analytical thinking and problem solving solving skills,
  • Military service completed or deferred until 31 January 2023 for male candidates (Turkish citizens),
  • Capacity flexible working hours, busy working schedule and no travel restriction.


  • Extensive knowledge on current regulations on the withdrawal and use of funds in the project account and to act according to the principles and procedures set by the Contracting Authority,
  • Preparing financial statements,financial and risk analyses reports requested by the Ministry,
  • Ensuring compliance of private accounting records,
  • Implementing Contracting Authority’s financial management and payment policies and procedures, regularly prepare reports in English that must be submitted to Contracting Authority,
  • Preparing uniform chart of accounts in accordance with the needs of the project and standards that are set by Contracting Authority.
  • Preparing proofs of payments based on the qualification of the transaction and existing regulations.
  • Responsible for data entries of revenues, expenditures and other financial transactions by using current account program in order to keep accounting record and securing the data and account program.
  • Setting up and employing a filing system, convenient to national legislation and rules of the Contracting Authority, for subsequent examination and audit visits.
  • Analyzing budget performance with respect to budget versus actual variance.
  • Developing periodic and draft cash flow plan while examining the fiscal legislation of the expenditures.
  • Supporting the administration by checking the conformance of letters of guarantee.
  • Carrying out the necessary studies with the guidance of the Contracting Authority regarding the budget-related information and/or opinions and preparing the correspondence texts in English.
  • Performing financial procedures in accordance with legal legislations in case of an employment of contracted personnel within the scope of the project activities, payroll, SGK,etc.
  • Evaluating corrective measures and transmitting these measures to the administration in case of an encountered and unresolved problems regarding accounting activities while comparing the financial plans and its applications.