EBRD- Balparmak is Training the Beekeepers of Tomorrow

“Support for Sustainable Beekeeping Practices and Inclusion of Beekeepers in the Muğla Region” Project, funded by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and implemented by ANKON Consulting, aims to support Balparmak’s efforts in developing new and innovative products through improving links with beekeepers who supply honey to the company. This will be achieved by enabling access to skills and knowledge, as well as opportunities for employment, in remote areas of the Mugla region, with a focus on women and youth. The Project will provide different training opportunities based on beekeepers needs, aiming to make the best use of the existing potential and ensuring sustainability of beekeeping in Turkey.

The Balparmak Beekeeping Academy began its training sessions at the Muğla-Ula campus on December 3th. Balparmak founded the academy for the purpose of recruiting women and youth to the industry in order to promote the sustainability of the beekeeping profession, and with the intent to support increased production of honey and value-added bee products, such as royal jelly, pollen, and propolis. Faculty member Dr. Ali Ihsan Öztürk and other experts in the field from Ula Vocational School’s Apiculture Department at Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University, are teaching the courses, which will continue until April. So far, 40 beekeeper candidates have participated in the Beekeeping Academy’s winter semester classroom sessions, which each last three weeks. Balparmak launched the academy with support from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). 

Hands-on classroom training sessions offered in the classroom and at the model apiary will be held in three-week semesters from April until November 2019. During the same period, the Balparmak mobile education vehicle will make visits to villages and give workshops demonstrating the production of honey and value-added bee products first-hand, while also updating beekeepers on new information. Basic beekeeping information will be available at all times through distance learning sessions offered on the Balparmak Beekeeping Academy website.

Everyone who participates in, and successfully completes, the distance education courses or the mobile training sessions will receive a Bal-Der (Platform for Healthy Living Through Bee Products Platform) certificate of participation. Balparmak will support candidates who have successfully completed the hands-on classroom trainings and the distance education course as they take their first steps into apiculture, rewarding them with two hives stocked with bees. 


ANKON celebrated its 30th Year Anniversary on December 9 in Erimtan Archaeology and Art Museum. The “Country for Syria” Collective band (www.countryforsyria.com) composed of Turkish, Kurdish, Spanish, American and Syrian musicians accompanied the night with their concert. It was announced that the donations collected during the event will be used for the needs of Syrian Refugees. In this special night, ANKON hosted and enjoyed a large participation of national and international experts, academicians, companies, solution partners and institutions who are collaborators of ANKON in various fields. Many local and international organisations and consulting companies such as AQWADEM, ANAR, CHESS CREATIVE, ENTAŞ, EPTISA, ESEP, ESIN KOÇOĞLU ORGANIZATION, EU DELEGATION TO TURKEY, FICHTNER, GÜNCEL BAĞIMSIZ DENETIM DANIŞMANLIK, HIFAB, THE NETHERLANDS EMBASSY, HÜGO, ICE, İKADA, GFA, GIZ, KEYS CONSULTING, MAKRO, MCM GROUP, NIRAS, METU, PM GROUP, STEINBEIS, TANAP, TED UNIVERSITY, TOBB UNIVERSITY, TOHUM AUTISM FOUNDATION, UNDP, UNHCR, VIYATOUR, ZEYTIN GROUP were among the guests of the night.

Historical Bridge Extending from Siverek to Çanakkale

Within the scope of KEP II – “Increasing School Attendance Rates Especially for Girls Project”, which is financed by Turkey and the European Union and implemented by the Ministry of National Education, a Search Conference was held in Şanlıurfa between 15th-16th March 2016. During the Search Conference, female students of Siverek Zübeyde Hanım Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School gave a music recital with their guitars procured under the European Union Project. During the conversation made with the students following the recital, the students all together answered “Çanakkale” upon the question of what they were especially curious about. In response to this, Ankon Consulting, as one of the consortium members of the Project, announced that it would take 10 students and their teachers to Çanakkale between 13th May and 15th May 2016 in order to make the dreams of the students come true.

The students, who would take a trip out of their districts for the first time, were quite excited and eager to be in Çanakkale that they had read about from the history books and heard about from their elders.

KEP II – Competition

Within the scope of KEP II project(Technical Assistance for Increasing School Attendance Rates Especially for Girls (IAREFG)) where ANKON Consulting is consortium partner; Deadline for applications for the logo/slogan, short movie/video and photograph competition with the subjects of ‘’Go to School’’, ‘’My Dream Job’’ and ‘’Role Models around Me’’ is over.

Results will be announced in May.

KEP II – Home Visits

Within the scope of the project “Technical Assistance for Increasing School Attendance Rates Especially for Girls” (KEP II), Provincial Visiting Teams are visiting the homes of the girls who dropped out of school and meeting their parents. As a result of these visits, each day a new girl comes back to school.