EBRD – Improving National Vocational Standards for Food Sector in Turkey







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European Bank for Reconstruction and Development



ANKON Consulting



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Regional and Economic Development, Labour and Employment

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Technical Assistance

The objective of this Project is to develop national occupational standards (NOS) in fast food and restaurant industry skills based on the international best practices and the national guidelines by engaging the Company, other industry leaders, and the public sector as part of the EBRD’s youth inclusion policy dialogue programme in Turkey; and to support the introduction of the occupational standards in the Company.

The following services will be provided within the scope of this Project:

  • Conducting the mapping for skills, standards and qualifications under the national occupational standards framework in the fast food sector
  • Assessing the quality and range of Company’s training programme and proposing a set of occupational standards to be developed by the Company’s engagement with the Vocational Qualifications Authority (VQA) and relevant sector associations
  • Facilitating the dialogue between the Company, relevant sector associations and the VQA in reaching a set of skills standards reflecting the best practice
  • Based on the policy dialogue, drafting the occupational standards for the agreed set of skills for the fast food sector for the VQA
  • Facilitating the adoption of the proposed standards by the VQA following the due procedures of the VQA
  • Proposing a practical and cost-efficient measure of testing the newly developed NOS through VocTest Centres
  • Once a set of national occupational standards and relevant qualifications are set, supporting the Company in introducing the occupational standards in their training programme and conducting the qualifications test for applicable employees against the newly established national standards through VocTest Centres
  • Providing ongoing monitoring of progress and impact of the introduction of the Occupational Standards and the public-private sector policy platform, including the identification of lessons learned