Procurement Specialist

Procurement Specialist

ANKON Consulting is looking for a Procurement Specialist for an IFI funded project who will be accommodated in the Ministry premises as of the commencement of the contract.

End date:31 January 2023

Duration: 9 months.

The candidates are requested to apply with their CVs in English to with reference code: REF PS/2022/04 until 17/04/2022 17:00.

Required Experience and Qualifications;

  • Bachelor’s Degree from Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Political Sciences, Engineering or Faculty of Sciences.
  • At least one year of experience in IFI projects.
  • 2 years of professional experience in public procurement.
  • Having knowledge of legal implementation, public procurement/ procurement rules and procedures of Turkish Public Financial Management.
  • Being fluent in Turkish and English to produce content in those languages.
  • Being able to use Microsoft Office Programmes (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint) to create report content.
  • Being prone to team work, analytical thinking and problem solving.
  • For male candidates (Turkish citizens) completion of military service or postponement of military service until 31 January 2023.
  • Ability to work under flexible working hours, busy work schedule and a will to travel.


  • Control and preparation of documents such as; Terms of Reference, Request for Proposal, Tender Notice, Tender Documents, Addendum, Corrigendum etc. according to the corporation and the Contracting Authority criteria.
  • Conducting procurement operations for the project by the rules in the Grant Contract and following the related legislation accordingly.
  • Supporting the administrative staff and guiding them about procurement operations related to project implementation.
  • Supporting administrative staff for planning the standarts of the procurement process according to the goals, performing activities in line with activity process.
  • Having the necessary knowledge on inspection and National Legislation for inspection visits and sharing procurement information swiftly and effectively, having the knowledge on filing system in line with the Contracting Authority.
  • Preparing correspondence texts in English, conducting necessary work on the issues that the Contracting Authority’s asked for consultancy.
  • Having an active duty in preparation and implementation of procurement plans correctly, performing revisions when necessary.
  • Receiving proposals, analyzing proposals, developing necessary suggestions and conducting market price analysis for the goods and services related to the tender.
  • Participating in receival, opening and evaluation of the proposals to support the proposal evaluation committee and preparing the proposal opening reports.
  • Supporting the administrative staff for the declaration of the winning proposal in a timely manner, preparing a contract for approval and signature.
  • Supporting the administrative staff for conduct and interpretation of the contracts.
  • Supplying access for the audit and related necessary documents for the internal auditors of Ministry, auditors of the Audit Court, controllers or independent auditors, and preparing reply for the findings in audit reports.