ANKON Consulting is a professional services firm which provides technical assistance, development and consultancy services to public and private beneficiaries. Our clientele ranges from central ministries and public institutions to local development agencies and municipalities; from leading business groups to international agencies and institutions.

ANKON Consulting also runs in the frontline of its region’s development programs and projects. It focuses on social and economic policies in both locally and internationally-funded projects ranging from capacity building to strategy development and project management, in variety of areas and sectors.

ANKON Consulting combines innovation and dynamism with a quarter of a century’sexperience ever since its establishment in 1986. Established in Ankara, the political and public policy decision center of Turkey, it has a solid reputation as a solution partner with valuable skills, experience across a broad spectrum of consulting and development services.

ANKON Consulting is among the signatories of the UN Global Compact and thus adheres to its common goals, such as building markets, combating corruption, safeguarding the environment and ensuring social inclusion. We are a team with a social conscience and a high degree of emphasis on professional ethics.


We aim to provide high-quality and trustworthy consultancy services to the key actors who seek to achieve change.
We aim to maintain a state of leadership in knowledge-based, reliable and top-quality consultancy services in projects that bring forth development and change in Turkey, as well in the region.


We aim to bring together best international practices, solid analysis of the local capacities and an innovative plan and solutions on the way ahead. Since 1986, we have provided top-quality, reliable and lasting consultancy services to the public and private institutions and to international organizations, as well as non-profit organizations at international, national, regional and local levels.


Our values are prominent in what we are and in the entirety of our work, from making decisions to the delivery of output.

Performance and Results: We recognize and reward high performance and urge our team and partners to achieve their full potential in delivering high caliber results.

Integrity and Accountability: Being ethically unyielding and considering trustworthiness as our core value, we make sure that our action and final results match our promises and plans. We take full responsibility of the results we achieve as individuals, as team members and as a company.

Creativity and Responsiveness: We embrace innovative approaches to provide tailor-made solutions and sustainable projects that match the ever-changing needs of our clients and partners with whom we are committed to maintain long-term relationships.



ANKON’s logo, inspired by the bronze medallion which belongs to the Civilization of Phrygian, represents respect of heritage, wealth, prosperity and creativity.

Phrygia (Phrygians) – (B.C. 780 – B.C. 300)

Phrygia was a kingdom in the central and southern Anatolia, lived their golden age during the legendary King Midas (BC 725-695 – 675). Phrygians impressed the neighbour civilizations with their genuine production models, art and culture. The symbol of Ankon, inspired by the bronze medallion which belongs to the Civilization of Phrygian; represents deep rooted, wealth, prosperity and creativity; has stylized and designed.