EBRD – Adressing Labour Shortages in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe Project successfully completed

“Adressing Labour Shortages in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania and the Slovak Republic)” Project, implemented by ANKON Consulting for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) successfully completed. The final report prepared in scope of the project includes policy recommendations on how to address the issue of labour market tightness through economic inclusion.

Preliminary findings about these six countries were discussed at the “Adressing Labour Shortages in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe” Workshop organised by ANKON Consulting in November 2018 in Budapest, Hungary with the participation of EBRD Experts from London and Istanbul. Country presentations were made by the Team Leader and the Country Experts for all six countries. The workshop provided a basis to exchange on the findings for the report showing that all countries basically had the same labour market problems like brain drain, outmigration, aging population, population decrease, quality of education and skills mismatches.