EBRD: TÜMAD Madencilik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş – Economic Inclusion

Start Year:2020
End Year:2021
Beneficiary:European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Consortium:ANKON Consulting
Budget:135,000.00 €
Working Area:Regional and Economic Development, Labour and Employment
Service Area:Technical Assistance

The purpose of this Project is to provide, an instrument to share the benefits and possibilities of and adopt an integrated approach for community development to which TÜMAD mining will make long-term sustainable contributions during TÜMAD’s Lapseki and İvrindi mining activities. Sustainable development aims to integrate high level economic and social development with environmental protection. It involves the development and implementation of adequate community management strategies from the earliest stages of mining activity to obtain and maintain social approvals and licenses required for project implementation. The Project will be delivered through five modules:

Module 1: Needs assessment report

Module 2: Preparation of the material and courseware for trainings in the selected fields

Module 3: Delivery of applied trainings

Module 4: Lead the coordination with local universities, TVET schools and Public Education Centres:

Module 5: Gender mainstreaming, knowledge-sharing and outreach.