EU – Technical Assistance for Capacity Building for Fisheries Producer Organisations and Provincial Agricultural Directorates in line with Common Market Organisation (CMO) of Common Fisheries Policy (CFP)

Country                                   :     Turkey

EuropeAid                            :    EuropeAid/140278/IH/SER/TR

Start Year                             :      2020

End Year                               :      2021

Beneficiary                          :    Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

Consortium                        :      ANKON,  Pescares, Incatema

Budget                                   :       EUR 599,950.00

Donor                                      :     EC

Working Area                   :     Fishery and Aquaculture Products

Service Area                 :     EU Technical Assistance Projects

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to Turkey’s gradual alignment with EU legislation in the area of Fisheries. This technical assistance project will focus on setting up a system for the fishermen to submit their data to their cooperative / producer union. This will provide an initial step for the establishment of market intelligence in the fisheries sector