EU – Technical Assistance for Improving the Quality of Vocational Education and Training through Establishment of Sectoral Centres of Excellence

Country                             :    Turkey

Reference                     :    EuropeAid/140474/IH/SER/TR

Start Year                      :      2021

End Year                        :      2024

Beneficiary                     :    MoNE

Consortium                   :    GFA, ANKON, National Center for TVET Development

Budget                            :     10.977.130,00 €

Donor                              :     EC

Working Area                  :    Vocational Education and Training

Service Area                 :   Technical Assistance Project, Training and Capacity Building

The purpose of this project is to increase the quality of vocational and technical education by developing the knowledge, skills and competencies in line with the EQARF and EQAVET through training teaching and administrative staff, improving learning environments, providing VET as an attractive option for students, increasing cooperation between schools, social partners and private sector through establishment of Sectoral Centres of Excellence (SCoE).